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Autism Testimonial

Andrew and Christina S. -

"We first met Dr. Cheryl in the spring of 2006, a few months after our son, Cyrus, had been diagnosed with autism at age two and a half.  At that time, he had difficulty sitting up straight, could not jump, could not speak, could not use utensils and was incapable of drawing anything but scribbles..."

Melia W. -

"When we first visited Dr. Cheryl my son Max was two years old and had been diagnosed at Nationwide Children’s Hospital with autism.

We had trouble getting Max to eat from the time we introduced solid food at six months of age. We were seeing the “feeding team” at Children’s Hospital before Max showed signs of Autism. At around 18 months old Max lost all language and went into his own world. Prior to that, some of his common words were “Mommy”, “Daddy”, “I jump”, “I did it”, “apple”, “ant”, “Eddie” (his brother) “Hello” and “Bye”. All of this language was gone. He stopped giving us any eye contact and began toe walking and stimming (turning his head constantly from left to right)...."

Melanie T . -

"Dr. Cheryl gave us back our family.  We walked into her office almost two years ago broken by the rigors of navigating our son’s recent diagnosis of Asperger’s Disorder.  We had spent several unsuccessful months trying to find treatments that would help our then three year old.  It had worn on everyone one of us, including Joey. Thankfully, we found Dr. Cheryl..."

Michelle O. -

"Dr. Cheryl has the bio-med knowledge base of the best DAN! doctors, but the feel of an old time family physician. She listens to and respects parents. She meets your children where they are, and guides them gently toward their most well selves."

Scott and Samantha C. -

"Our son Parker has been a patient of Dr. Cheryl’s for a little over a year and we couldn’t be more pleased with the progress we have seen in Parker and his symptoms of Autism.  By the age of 2, Parker was non-verbal and made almost no eye contact.  Dr. Cheryl has guided us through a detoxification process and helped in healing his gut.  Through her NAET sessions, Parker was able to build his immune system and it assisted in decreasing his food sensitivities and allergies..."

Autism/HBOT Testimonial

Carol B. -

"It was genius to provide HBOT rentals! What a fantastic way for patients to utilize this treatment for a maximum potential. I had the chamber for six weeks and Margaret received 82 dives. Margaret never fussed about going in, took her little dolls and played for 1 ½ hours twice per day. It was awesome and I missed it as soon as it was taken away for someone else ..."

Shannon C. -

"I am writing on behalf of the amazing work that Dr. Cheryl is doing for our special needs kids.  My son Sam is a 4.5 yr old boy with a chromosome deletion, sensory processing disorder, multiple allergies, and global developmental delays.  Along with his occupational therapist, Dr. Cheryl, and myself we have also diagnosed Sam as being somewhere in the middle of the autism spectrum..."

Congenital In-toeing

Tiffany F. -

"Thank you Dr. Hammes. My son Elias just got back from the orthopedic Doctor who said not only did he not need casts, we could also ween him off the reverse last shoes he has been wearing for several months. Without your treatment he would be wearing casts to correct the metatarsis adductis. It was your
suggestion to try the shoes and to manipulate his feet twice a month for several months that allowed him to avoid casts. Thank you for all the wonderful advice
and for treating us like family."

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Sandy L. -

"I was born with gastrointestinal issues, constantly crying (probably termed colic). I had a developing ulcer by age 16. I went through several endoscope’s and colonoscopys since early teens through 40 years old..."

Allergy Elimination Treatment

Jaimi -

"Our family has seen major improvement since we came to see Dr. Cheryl a few weeks ago!!!  To say "thank you" seems so very inadequate.  As Seth would say, "thank you times infinity."  Mia has had no excessive mood swings to speak of.  Elli's cheeks are so much clearer and smoother, even with our cold, dry weather.  Scott has had regular/normal bowel movements for the first time in his life.  Seth looks different, physically, and although he has resisted, I can tell that he is feeling better too.  I recently commented to my mother-in-law that my kids were different and wearing me out.  She said that they were acting like "normal" kids!!!!!"

Gluten Allergy Healed

Sharon S. -

"It has been about two years since I first brought my daughter to Dr. Cheryl. What a difference that time has made.

I came to Dr. Cheryl on the advice of a friend from my church. I had told her how desperate I was after going to doctor after doctor and my daughter was no better. Mackenzie was a Chinese adoption who, at seven months old weighed eight pounds, had pneumonia, and required a heart operation within a month of bringing her home. She had been plagued with pneumonias, respiratory infections, eczema, failure to thrive (weighing 38 pounds for almost 2 years), and finally at age 8 a viral infection which knocked her flat on her back. She was exhausted, experienced violent stomach pain, tongue sores, and developed extreme allergies..."

Lactation Issues

Jodie S. -

"My son was two weeks old and despite my best attempts and the help of three
lactation specialists he would not latch on for breastfeeding. I was tired and
frustrated and ready to give up, but decided to take him to Dr. Cheryl for one last
try. After a half hour of manipulation he attached on and ate easily without fussing
or pushing me away. I was most grateful and would highly recommend her to
anyone with similar problems. Thanks, Dr. Cheryl!"

Nut Allergy

Sarah S. -

"I first saw Dr. Cheryl when I was seventeen years old.  From the age of two I suffered from life threatening allergies to peanuts and nuts, but at seventeen I began having allergic reactions to nearly everything I ate.  My allergist was as clueless as I was and after countless tests, deemed me a “mystery.” His only recommendation was that I avoid any foods that caused me discomfort. Unfortunately “discomfort” seemed to be quite an understatement, as my reactions only continued to worsen.  My throat was constantly swelling up and eventually I
was using my EpiPen® two to three times a week.  Though I had always rolled my eyes at the thought of alternative medicine, I figured anything was worth a try.  My parents and I found out about Dr. Cheryl’s unique family practice online and within a week we were headed to Cleveland in hope of some answers."

Ponto Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cheri L. -

"I want to thank you for the opportunity of trying oxygen therapy at our home for two separate extended sessions with my son, Raymond, who has a diagnosis of ponto cerebellar hypoplasia."

Reflux or Environmental Allergies

Brandy H. -

When we first met Dr. Cheryl in the summer of 2012, our then 7 year old son Brannon was suffering from severe acid reflux and gastrointestinal problems. He was in constant pain, had a very limited diet, and poor sleeping habits. Brannon had been through an endoscopy and a stomach biopsy, and he had tried several acid reflux medications but nothing helped. Brannon was in severe pain on a daily basis. He cried for hours at a time and was unable to attend school most days. Dr. Cheryl immediately knew how to ease Brannon's pain. With a combination of supplements and allergy elimination treatments, she transformed Brannon's life, and she gave us back our healthy, happy boy. Brannon responded right away to treatment. He is now eating a wider variety of foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and he is sleeping through the night. Most importantly, he is no longer in pain. Brannon is attending school regularly and is making great progress now that he is feeling better. He is also able to play outside without suffering from seasonal allergies thanks to Dr. Cheryl's treatments. We are so grateful to Dr. Cheryl for healing our son when no one else could. She is truly amazing


Weight Loss

In February of this year, I went to see Dr. Cheryl for several health concerns. At the time I weighed almost 270 pounds. My knees, ankles and hip were hurting and basic everyday tasks were becoming difficult. I was always tired, lacked any motivation and worst of all, I was missing the most important time of my children's lives, the years where they actually still want to hang out with me. I had put on over 85 pounds since the day I said 'I do' and I was showing signs of depression.

I thought about all my options. Getting a membership at the local gym, dusting off my old workout equipment, buying workout cds, but none of these options made sense to me. With four children, the only free time I had was from 3-5 in the morning or after 9 at night! I needed something I could work into my schedule and that would have immediate results. I know I probably could have lost the weight working out and dieting but to lose the amount of weight I needed to lose would take me over 2 years!

After looking at several vacation pictures and doing a lot of soul searching, I finally drummed up enough courage to ask Dr. Cheryl about her HCG program. She took the time to educate me about HCG and answered all my questions and concerns. The program isn't just 13 weeks and your done. It's a lifestyle change that I have come to embrace. After years of eating pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted and as much as I wanted, my body was trying to tell me enough is enough. After ignoring it for several years, I decided to give it a try and I never looked back.

At the time of this writing, I have lost 54 pounds. The bulk of my weight loss, 43 pounds, I did in the first 6 weeks! The rest I have lost on my own without even thinking about it. My old chocolate binges are a thing of the past and now I eat fresh fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth. My body no longer craves processed foods like lunch meats or fast food. Instead, its steak, chicken breast and fish. I no longer feel depressed and my energy level is like I'm in my twenties. I am a firm believer in HCG and know firsthand that it does work. It has changed my life forever.



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