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In the past few decades, the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has dramatically increased. Currently 1 in 45 children over the age of 3 are diagnosed with the disorder, compared with one per 30,000 in the 1980’s. The majority of children diagnosed are little boys.

The word autism is derived from the Greek word “autos”, meaning self. In the 1930's, the diagnosis of autism was used to describe the self-absorbed behavioral disorder and was believed to be caused by cold “refrigerator” mothers. The term ASD is now used to describe a spectrum of illnesses including Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Rett’s Syndrome and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Early diagnosis is important so that appropriate interventions can make the most profound positive outcomes.

Recently, many physicians have changed their viewpoint from the classic psychiatric definition of autism and have adopted that autism is a complex biological and neurotoxic condition that results from the relationship of the environment and genetic predisposition. Individuals with autism initially exhibit symptoms beginning in the first three years of life. Their physical body is affected in the nervous system, gastrointestinal system and immune responsiveness thus contributing to the social deficits and concomitant illnesses that most of the children suffer with.

Each autistic child is unique in his expression of autism. Some have advanced skills in a few areas and lack skills in other areas. Some need a rigid routine to prevent meltdowns and others go with the flow. Some autistics perceive normal sounds as alarming and others are not sensitive to sounds at all. Repetitious activities, known as perseveration, can be soothing for some with ASD. Your child’s own story is very important as it aids your practitioner in creating their personal wellness plan.

Autism can be emotionally devastating for families. Parents often struggle to maintain healthful relationships with their spouse and other children due to the time and energy spent caring for their family member with ASD. It is important to nurture those relationships and seek appropriate help when necessary.

Marvelous outcomes can occur for those diagnosed with ASD. At Integrative Wellness, we share the parents' goal of reaching their child's maximum potential. The path to wellness begins with an initial consultation, which may include:

  • Acupressure treatment
  • Diagnosis of food sensitivities
  • Osteopathic structural examination and treatment
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Homeopathic considerations
  • Specialized tests
  • Discussion regarding heavy metal testing and detoxification

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